What is Acoosta Uno?

Acoosta - Music by Sony DADC makes portable music systems with built–in music curated, to provide an immersive music listening experience at the touch of a button without any internet connection.

Powered with Music by Sony DADC, Acoosta comes preloaded with 14,000+ Songs across 200+ Playlists from over 1000+ Artists with 50+ Genres & Moods.

The music system is also Bluetooth, FM, AUX, USB and Karaoke enabled.

What are the colors available in Acoosta?

Acoosta comes in two colors, black and grey.

Is Acoosta Portable? How long does the battery last?

Acoosta has a 5-hour battery life, so it can be carried anywhere. It can also be charged with any android charger.

Can I Switch on the Acoosta Uno with the remote?

To switch on Acoosta Uno, you need to long press the power button on the top panel of the device. You can’t switch on/off the product with the remote.

Is Acoosta covered under warranty?

Acoosta comes with one year carry in warranty. For details please call 9953505201.

Why does my device switch off after sometime if I am not using it?

Acoosta Uno comes with an energy saving mode, it switches off itself, if it’s not used for approx. 10 minutes.

How do you access built-In music?

  • Long press the Power button to Start.
  • Acoosta displays the source menu. One can also use the buttons on the top right of the device to select your source.
  • Under the source menu, ‘Music’ refers to Acoosta’s inbuilt music.
  • Acoosta has 14,000 songs across 200 playlists from 1000+ artists across categories like International, Filmy, Indian Artists, Top Indian Hits, Indi Pop, Devotional, Classical, Ghazals & Kids' Rhymes.
  • You can press the back button to go to the previous menu and use the jog dial to control the volume and the navigation

Can I update the content?

In Acoosta Uno, the content does not get updated. We have a wide array of playlists where you can listen to music on other modes, if you don’t wish to use the built-in library.

Can I search for a particular song from the built-in library?

  • You can also search your favourite song using the Search Function.
  • Just go to music from source when you scroll down using the jog dial, there will be a search option, click on it.
  • Type the song name using the jog dial and click on ‘Ok’. The search results will appear.

Can I make my own playlists?

  • You can create five custom favourite playlists of up to 20 songs each.
  • Play a song you like and press the ‘Favourite’ button, from the remote or on top of the device.
  • It will take you to the favourites folder, Select the Favourite playlist number you’d like to add this song to and click the jog dial to add the song.

How can I remove a song from favourite playlists ?

Go to the favourites list from Music, and long press the jog dial on the song you’d like to delete and it shall get deleted

How can I connect my own device via Bluetooth?

  • You can connect to a Bluetooth Device to play your own music.
  • Switch on the Bluetooth from the remote or the Bluetooth button on the device.
  • Then search for ‘Acoosta UNO’ from your phone/laptop, it will appear on the search results. Click on it – it says ‘Pairing’ then ‘Connected’ post which, you can continue to enjoy your music.

How can I play music on my pen drive in Acoosta?

  • Insert your pen drive in the USB port.
  •  Once Acoosta reads your files, press ‘Ok’ on the remote.
  • You can then select a track and play using the jog dial

How can I connect my laptop/phone via aux cable?

You can play your own music from a phone or a laptop. Simply plug in the AUX cable (provided with the device) into the aux port on the back of Acoosta and play

How can I listen to FM on Acoosta?

  • Acoosta has an inbuilt FM radio function with six popular radio stations pre-set for customer’s convenience.
  • One can scroll to the station of their choice using the jog dial. 
  • In case one wishes to listen to another radio station just long-press the forward or rewind buttons on the left side of the device.
  • The FM antenna helps get clearer radio reception in areas of poor signal.

How do I save an FM station that is different from default stations?

Play a station that you don’t need, and click the jog dial, and rotate it to change the channels, click again and the new station will replace the old one.

How do I use karaoke in Acoosta?

  • Two mics can be connected at a time so that customers can enjoy karaoke with your friends and family. 
  • Start by connecting the 3-pin end of the mic’s cable to the mic. Connect the other end into Acoosta’s ‘Mic 1’ slot.
  •  Now, select the Bluetooth option and connect your smartphone.
  • Play any Karaoke video of your choice, on YouTube or any other similar application. (this doesn’t limit your karaoke song options like other devices available in the market) as YouTube has large collections of karaoke music. 
  • One can also use the built-in music library and sing.
  • Use the left-side buttons to control the mic’s echo and volume level. The mic volume is independent from the music volume. You can also control the pitch of the song by pressing ‘Pitch control’ on the remote and pressing the up or down arrows.
  • You can connect the mic and directly use Acoosta as a loudspeaker.

How do I record my own voice using the USB recording feature?

  • The USB port also allows you to record any audio using the mic.
  • Plug in a pen drive and press ‘Record’ on the remote to start. Once you are done, press ‘Record’ again to stop. What you sing/say on the mic will be recorded in the USB

I am facing a software issue with Acoosta , what should I do?

You can reset your device by pressing the mic volume down key and the home key together. Acoosta will reboot itself. There is also a reset button at at the back panel of the box

The songs are skipping while I play inbuilt music. What do I do?

You can reset your device by pressing the mic volume down key and the home key together. Acoosta will reboot itself. There is also a reset button at at the back panel of the box. After this, the problem shall go away.